"The Company"

Passion + Solutions + Technology


“The Company”

VenHub was formed to bring new ideas to a new world. Nothing in our world is really like it was even 15 months ago. VenHub is the creation of visionary thinkers. People who understand that change is a natural function of life and the basis of all opportunity. From engineering to finance, we are as nimble and agile as our retail platform. We bring change to a world that needs just that; change.


“The Concept"

The idea of a touch-free, germ and virus-free way of conducting business is another natural outgrowth of the changes in our society. Technology has advanced so far that robot operation is an easy reality. VenHub’s officers have many years in computer hardware, computer software, internet, and technology businesses. The move to contain those retail operations with readily available shipping containers is also an easy transition. Our concept is really the combination of efficiency, ease of use, and lack of previously associated hassles.


“The Vision”

VenHub was founded on the idea that anything can be made easy, efficient, profitable, and cool at the same time. We do this by thinking past the box and into the future. Disagreement with the norm is our strategy and thoroughness is our practice. We are the antithesis of being stuck in the mud, by looking at change as an opportunity rather than trouble to overcome. Come join us in the future. It’s much easier there!


VenHub “The Values”

Every day is Day One

Every Day at VenHub is a day to innovate and start the right way.

Outside of the Box

We approach our innovative thinking with great purpose and mission.

Find a Better Way

VenHub is driven by customers satisfaction and ease of use.

Lead by Example

VenHub is not in the talking business, we are in the walking business.

Customer Obsession

We are interested in one thing, accomplishing your goals.

Do the Right Thing

Freedom comes from doing the thing you ought to do because you want to do it.