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"Welcome to our FAQ section, where we provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and reliable information in a clear and concise manner, so that you can make informed decisions with ease."

Venhub inside
  • Can VenHub stores be paired with existing businesses, such as gas stations?
    While direct integration with fuel dispensers is not currently available, VenHub stores can be set up adjacent to existing businesses, such as gas stations, to offer additional convenience to customers.
  • What is the expansion plan for VenHub?
    Our goal is to expand VenHub into new markets around the world, bringing the benefits of autonomous retail to businesses and consumers in new countries and regions. Our expansion plans are ambitious, but we believe that our autonomous retail platform is the future of retail, and we are committed to making it a reality.
  • What sets VenHub apart from other convenience stores?
    VenHub is more than just a convenience store, it's a leap into the future of retail. What truly sets VenHub apart are a few key factors: 1. Autonomy: The magic of VenHub lies in its fully automated, AI-driven system. This allows the store to operate 24/7 without any human intervention, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers anytime they need it. 2. Customizable Inventory: Unlike traditional convenience stores, VenHub's inventory can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the local market. With VenHub, it's not one-size-fits-all; it's about providing what the community truly wants and needs. 3. Efficiency: The use of AI and robotics technology not only allows VenHub to stay open around the clock, but it also ensures a high level of efficiency in its operations, from restocking to checkout. 4. Innovative Shopping Experience: Shopping at VenHub is an entirely new experience. Customers can browse and select items without the need for a human cashier. The store's advanced AI system will automatically calculate the total, charge the customer's payment method on file, and issue a receipt. It's fast, easy, and hassle-free. 5. Scalability: VenHub stores are designed to be modular and easy to install, making them highly scalable. This means that new VenHub stores can be set up quickly and efficiently to meet the increasing demand for convenient, autonomous retail. In short, VenHub is not just changing the convenience store; it's reimagining what the retail experience can be, making it more convenient, efficient, and tailored to the needs of the community.
  • How does VenHub plan to compete with larger retail chains?
    Our modular and flexible store design, powered by the latest AI and robotics technology, allows us to offer a unique shopping experience that is personalized and frictionless. We believe that this, coupled with our multi-faceted revenue model, will allow us to compete with larger retail chains.
  • How many sizes do the VenHub stores come in?
    We are planning to design three different sizes for our VenHub stores. The small VenHub store is set to be approximately 10 feet wide, while the medium store will measure around 20 feet wide, and the large VenHub store will span about 40 feet in width. Our strategy is to initially launch the medium VenHub store and, based on market response and customer feedback, we'll then proceed to roll out the other sizes.
  • How can I start my own VenHub store?
    Starting your own VenHub store is currently in high demand, and as such, the first step is to place a pre-order. We'll then begin production and keep you updated throughout the process. Your role will be to identify an optimal location for your VenHub store. As your store nears completion, you'll receive detailed specifications to prepare your chosen site for delivery. Once delivered, your VenHub store will be expanded and installed within a span of 7 days. After installation, your store is ready for operation - a seamless transition into the future of retail.
  • Are there any financing options available for purchasing a VenHub store?
    Yes, some of the VenHub store owners may require financing to start the VenHub stores. We're planning on collaborating with several financial institutions to provide potential financing options for store owners. We believe this will assist in simplifying the acquisition process and help prospective owners begin their journey with VenHub.
  • How many SKUs does VenHub offer?
    At VenHub, we tailor our product range to suit the specific needs and preferences of each local market. The number of units (SKUs) we offer can fluctuate depending on the size of the VenHub store you choose. For instance, our initial SKUs estimation can and may range anywhere from 300 to 1500 based on the size of the store.
  • What are the safety and security measures within the VenHub stores?
    Safety and security are paramount within VenHub stores, and we are planning on implementing several measures to ensure that both are maintained at all times: 1. Surveillance Cameras: VenHub stores are planned to be equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras that monitor the store 24/7, both inside and out, deterring any potential malicious activity. 2. AI Monitoring: We are planning on having the AI system not only manage the store's operations but also monitor customer behavior in real-time to detect and prevent shoplifting or any other suspicious activities. 3. Secure Cash-Less Transactions: All financial transactions within VenHub stores are processed securely. Customers' financial data is encrypted and stored securely to protect against data breaches. The Cashless transactions will also provide additional safety and security measures. 4. Emergency Systems: Our plans are for the VenHub stores to be equipped with emergency systems including fire alarms and extinguishers, ensuring a quick response in case of any potential hazards. 5. Secure Access: The store's operations, such as restocking, are conducted in a secure manner, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the store during non-operating hours. 6. Glass-Proof Windows: To further enhance security, VenHub stores are fitted with glass-proof windows. This feature not only protects the store from potential break-ins but also shields it from weather-related damage, ensuring the safety of the products inside.
  • What is the price for an average VenHub Smart Store
    The cost of a VenHub Smart Store is anticipated to range from $175,000 to $225,000, offering a competitive investment for a technologically advanced retail solution. This estimate includes a range of elements such as specific model selection, location, and customization to suit your unique business needs.
  • How do VenHub automation track products and inventory?
    Our stores are equipped with advanced inventory management systems that are designed to monitor that product stocks are to the VenHub store owner standards. Our supply chain and logistics operations are also designed to monitor that products are delivered to our stores in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • How long does it take to install a VenHub store?
    Once we deliver your store to your chosen location, it's a smooth and efficient process from there. Your VenHub store is designed to be expanded and fully installed within approximately business 7 days. These timeline may vary from time to time pending, the location, access points, weather, and other unforeseen reasons.
  • Can I franchise a VenHub store?
    VenHub is not currently offering franchise opportunities. However, they are selling and managing VenHub stores with installation, management, and training support.
  • What is VenHub?
    VenHub is a dynamic shift in the retail world. We're an innovative company creating autonomous, 24/7 smart stores that blend advanced technology with retail. We're about making shopping more convenient, businesses more efficient, and the overall retail experience more modern and accessible. This is the future of retail, and we're excited to be leading the way.
  • How does VenHub work?
    VenHub is all about revolutionizing retail through advanced technology. Our automated stores operate round-the-clock, enabled by AI and robotics. Customers interact with the store through a user-friendly interface, select their items, and their account is automatically charged - no traditional checkout needed. For store owners, we manage inventory, handle restocking, and provide valuable data insights. VenHub takes the complexity out of retail, making it efficient and user-friendly.
  • How do I invest in VenHub?
    For investment opportunities, visit for more information.
  • Can VenHub stores accept cash payments?
    VenHub stores are designed to be cashless, accepting only electronic payments through credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and other digital payment methods. This approach streamlines the shopping experience and further enhances the store's security.
  • What is the revenue model for VenHub?
    1. Sale of VenHub Stores: VenHub sells fully autonomous, robotic-operated stores to individuals and businesses, which includes installation and set-up services. 2. Sale of Store Modules and SaaS Revenue: VenHub sells the modules used to construct their stores and also generates Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue from these stores. 3. Licensing of Technology and Software: VenHub licenses or sells its proprietary technology and software to third-party businesses, creating additional revenue streams. 4. Fulfillment Services: VenHub offers warehousing, order fulfillment, and shipping services to businesses that sell products through VenHub stores, charging fees for these services. 5. Revenue Share from Product Sales: VenHub takes a percentage of revenue generated from the sale of products within their stores. 6. Data Monetization and Analytics: VenHub offers data monetization and analytics services to businesses using their technology, facilitating informed decision-making. 7. Subscription-Based Revenue Models: VenHub provides businesses access to their technology and software through subscription models. 8. Advertising Revenue: Partnerships with brands allow VenHub to generate advertising revenue within their stores. 9. Partnerships with Retailers: VenHub partners with other retailers, providing them access to their technology platform to enhance their own retail operations.
  • How does VenHub plan to scale its business globally?
    We have a clear and ambitious expansion plan that will allow us to bring the benefits of VenHub to businesses and consumers around the world. Our focus on building strong relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, partners, and customers, will be critical to our success as we scale our business.
  • How often are VenHub stores restocked?
    The restocking frequency depends on the store's inventory levels and customer demand. VenHub's advanced inventory management system monitors stock levels in real-time, allowing for efficient and timely restocking as needed.
  • VenHub Store Restocking: Tailored Options for Convenience
    At VenHub, we understand that flexibility and control over your business operations are paramount. To that end, we offer two options for restocking your VenHub Smart Store: Option 1: Direct Owner Restocking As a store owner, you can directly handle the restocking process. Our state-of-the-art inventory control and management system, accessible via your mobile device or desktop, will provide you with real-time updates and insights about inventory levels, helping you manage restocking efficiently. Option 2: Partnered Fulfillment Restocking Alternatively, you can collaborate with a VenHub-approved fulfillment partner for restocking needs. Our partners also have access to the same advanced inventory management systems, ensuring precise and timely restocking. In the interest of security and control, access to your store is managed through one-time use codes provided by the store owner will provide the fulfillment partner for each restocking session. Additionally, the store owner can monitor the entire restocking process live via our integrated security cameras, ensuring transparency and proper adherence to restocking protocols. There are no additional costs or charges by VenHub and or the fulfillment partners. By offering these two options, we aim to cater to your specific operational needs and preferences, ensuring that running your VenHub Smart Store is as convenient and efficient as possible.
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