Let’s Create Your VenHub Masterpiece

What’s a VenHub Smart Store?

VenHub is a modular retail shopping platform. The base of the platform is the simple, low cost and widely available shipping container. The contents of each store and what you sell is up to you. Products sit in bins that allow for easy access to robotic arms. Where perishable food is concerned, we add refrigeration to your configuration. These modular stores are shipped to you pre-configured and tested. Opening your store for business can be done before lunch.


How to Start?


Select VH Configuration

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a convenience store or sell beauty supplies, or maybe you want to turn your hobby into something more. Select from our pre-configured models or customize them to a totally new way of doing business.


Choose your location(s)

The VenHub retail footprint is small and so is your real estate bill. Whether you want to own or lease, VenHub maximizes your earnings by keeping costs low. Your dollar per square foot ratio will never be higher than in a VenHub modular retail location. Expansion is easy for one or multiple locations. 


Select your VH Products

VenHub offers multiple wholesale products to start your business. These products are easily ordered, delivered, and automatically stocked into your VenHub. Allow VenHub’s corporate buying power to fill your stores with value-added and inexpensive choices.


Easy Installation and Start Earning

VenHub literally snaps in. Normal employee-based retail stores require bathrooms, water, lights to see the products, cash registers, and the like. VenHub is robot-operated and requires none of that. Secure your VenHub to the ground, power the solar and wind sources, take delivery of your products, and you are in business.

Entry Cost is Extremely Low

You need little in terms of land, and there are no builders to hire, no architects to pay, no contractors to negotiate with, few if any permits to wait for, and with low down and fast installation to start your business in few short weeks.


Create New Opportunities

VenHub allows your imagination to flourish. There is little you can’t accomplish. Have a small Candy Store? Need to expand fast? We deliver more units at the  push of a button. Have you created other opportunities and need a strip mall? We got you. If you can think it, we can deliver it. Movable and easy to place, easy system unification with unlimited expansion.