Pioneering the Future of the Retail Shopping Experience

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Rapidly Innovating the Shopping Experience

 A new way of retail business that is agile and modular

VenHub is a modular retail shopping platform. The base of the platform is the simple, low cost and widely available shipping container. The contents of each store and what you sell is up to you. Products sit in bins that allow for easy access to robotic arms. Where perishable food is concerned, we add refrigeration to your configuration. These modular stores are shipped to you pre-configured and tested. Opening your store for business can be done before lunch.

A New Level of Service

Your customer will order from home or at the kiosk and pick it up in minutes. Delivery is optional with the possibility of partnering with any of the multiple delivery services available. 

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Contact Free Shopping

Whether you're shopping from a desktop, mobile device, or with Siri and Alexa's help you can pay with any major credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Once the order is placed along with a pick-up time, robots do the rest and your customer drives away happy.

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Smarter, Safer and Flexible

Fully Automated

The VenHub smart robots will prepare all orders and prepare them for delivery without any contact.

Install Anywhere

VenHubs are easily moved and repurposed. Need a new VenHub at a new location, call us, and we will deliver it to you.

Safe and Secure

VenHubs modules are theft-proof, riot-proof, and fire-proof. Insulated walls, monitored system, and bullet proof glass

Pickup or Delivery

VenHub stores start selling products immediately after installation. Delivery partnerships are available.

Open 24/7/365

All VenHub operations are open all the time. With no employees and fully robotic operations, the stores are always open.

Flexible to Your Need

The robotic systems are tailored to your need. You decide what want to sell or operate and we will make it happen. 

Say "hello" to VenHub Robots

VenHub Stores
Plans, Specifications, and Customization

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Floor Plan

Standard 20 / 40 feet or customized to your specification



Standard, cool and heated shelving and storage



Standard exterior or customized with your brand


Design Plan

Standard 20 / 40 feet or customized branding



Indoor/Outdoor lighting to march your brand or location

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Custom use and design for your business and customer needs