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Robots can increase productivity, efficiency, quality, and consistency of service

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The role of robotics in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Robotics will play a significant role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as they are used to integrate different technological systems and humans. This integration is a central focus of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and robots will be an important part of that process.

The Convenience Store Business is Huge

Robotics and AI are changing the workforce

Parallel Lines

VenHub Businesses and Industries

Convenience Store

Pet Food & Supplies

Prescription Pickup

Food and Beverage

Beauty Supplies

Logistic Lockers

Colleges & Schools

Events and Concerts

Convenience Industry By The "Numbers"

Convenience Industry By The Numbers

$654 Billion

Convenience store sales per year

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Convenience Stores in the U.S.

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1 out of 3

Stores in the U.S. is a convenience store

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62.1% of

Convenience stores are a single-store owner

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Ways Robotic and A.I. Will Change the Future of Retail

How Robotics and A.I. are Changing the Future of Retail

No Need for Cashiers or Cash 
Longer Hours.png
Smart Stores, Longer Shopping Hours
Up-to-Date and Accurate Demographic
Better Customer Personalization in Each Location
Improved Security and Reduced Risk
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Supply Chain Optimization for Each Region
Make Online Shopping Smarter
Optimized Retail Space and Less Re-Shelving
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Grab and GoProducts Made Easy 
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