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VenHub "The Future"

The possibilities are limitless

VH Future

 Automation is reshaping the workplace in unexpected ways.

Re-Inventing the "Future" of Retail

VenHub is on a continuous mission to improve, enhance and create a great user experience in the automated retail industry.

VH factory blue

Future Industries

Electric & Gas Station
VenHub Lockers

VenHub Pharma

The pharmacy and pharmaceutical sectors offer significant potential for growth and expansion for VenHub as we continue to develop and expand our operations. We believe that these industries align well with our mission of delivering innovative solutions and exceptional user experiences in the automated retail industry.

VenHub charging station

Electric & Gas Station

Gas stations and electric charging stations can benefit from modern technology to enhance their shopping and delivery experiences. VenHub offers a solution that is well-suited to these sectors.

VenHub Locker

VenHub Lockers

VenHub locker solutions are designed for E-Commerce deliveries and large retail centers, providing an efficient solution for both customer pickup and delivery services. They are the perfect way to streamline curb-side pickup operations.


VenHub Grocery

Grocery shopping is a frequent task for many households and businesses, and VenHub is working to introduce autonomous shopping options in the grocery industry.

Events Concerts

Events & Concerts

VenHub's mobility solution is well-suited for events and concert venues, allowing it to easily serve different types of events in the morning and evenings.

VenHub Malls

VenHub Malls

Local and small cities, as well as malls and shopping centers, can benefit from modern technology to enhance their shopping and delivery experiences, and VenHub is actively working to provide smart solutions in these sectors.

Around the World

Around the Globe

VenHub's leadership recognizes the value of expanding the use of VenHub globally, including in underserved cities and seasonal vacation spots. We are committed to quickly adapting and fulfilling the needs of these locations through the use of our modular retail platform.

Events and Concerts
VenHub Malls
Around the Globe
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